I’m Peruvian and I live in Lima. I got my bachelor’s degree in Psychology 20 years ago. I have worked with children, teenagers and adults in the fields of educational and organizational psychology. At the same time, my hidden desire was being a voice actress and a voiceover talent.

In 2014, I had an accident that affected my ability to move. I had to make a long pause since I could not keep up with my previous work. Then, I remembered that dream from years before and said to myself: why not give a try?

I made my way into the voiceover world in 2015 with borrowed equipment from friends. My only real assets were my desire to learn, my commitment to work and the understanding that everything starts from active listening. Now I have my own professional home studio.

As I began gathering experience, I developed a 4 step working plan to enhance my career line: 1) adequate training, 2) adequate equipment, 3) a business plan and 4) a service plan.

Thus, my search for more training began, which led me to study with teachers from Colombia, Mexico, and the USA. Throughout this process, my husband (who is an audio engineer) has been my ideal partner. Now I work full time as a VO artist and I use my knowledge as a psychologist when dealing with emotions in the voiceover scripts.

This has been a brief recount of my wonderful journey in the voiceover industry. My voice has traveled to four continents. Somewhere, I heard this beautiful quote by Silvio Rodríguez: "The dream is made by hand and without permission." Today I ask you this:

What is your dream?




I am a sound engineer graduated from “Instituto Orson Welles” in 2003. I have worked as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer in musical productions of various genres, from folk music to heavy metal. I have also worked in radio broadcasting for “Asociacion Cultural Filarmonia”. I have also enjoyed my time teaching courses related to professional audio, giving courses at “Instituto Orson Welles” and at “Escuela CT Audio”, the most important audio schools in my country. Recently, I have worked as a live sound engineer in the auditoriums of the renowned “Asociacion Cultural Peruano Britanica” in Lima, Peru.

In 2020, I had the honor to be part of the jury of "Premios Lavat" (MEX), one of the most important awards for Latin American and Hispanic VO talents.

I am pleased to put all my working experience to support Lizet Vasquez and, in this way, to combine our talents to provide an excellent service to all our partners.

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